Bunie's Jewelry Creations was created by me, Bunie (pronounced like "Beauty" but with an 'n' instead of a 't') Deyo (pronounced like “day O”). My husband, Ed, is my unofficial partner in the business. Ed takes the jewelry photos, helps with business administration, and lends a hand wherever he can (heavy lifting, etc). I make the jewelry, maintain the website, and run the business.

I have loved arts and crafts since I was a child. I used to sew clothes for my dolls, and when I was older, I made clothes for myself. I can also crochet, cross stitch, and do needlepoint. I have even made a few latch-hook rugs! I love to draw and paint, but my pictures are not show quality. So I give them to family members or keep them for myself. These days, however, most of my drawing is sketches for jewelry pieces I am designing.

I made beaded jewelry for myself and for my mom for several years, but I started making more jewelry in 2006 when Ed became very sick. I found that making jewelry soothed my nerves. I made so much jewelry that I had to figure out a way to reduce the size of my collection and to make a little money so I could buy more beads. I was addicted to jewelry making! So, in early 2007 I officially opened my jewelry business and began selling jewelry to friends and family.

I have always admired the wire bracelets made by others, and in late 2007 I began teaching myself how to make wire bracelets. I found that bending wire was even more therapeutic and addictive than beading. I love making wire jewelry so much that wire has become my main jewelry focus, and I have expanded to other jewelry types like earrings and necklaces.

To broaden my jewelry making skills, in 2012 I began taking classes at local craft centers and at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts. Because of those classes, I have further developed my wire working skills, and I have begun learning how to work with enamel to add more color to my metals.